A revolting display?

Does Beyonce think she is White? She looks so stupid in here. The last minute of this video makes me want to vomit. Is she trying to be like Kelly Clarkson? I am embarassed for her. The song sucks. The video sucks. What more can I say? When I was searching for the video on YouTube, many people made their own videos because the real one sucks so bad.



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2 responses to “A revolting display?

  1. jonbadams

    I can agree that this is not one of her best. I would not go so far as to say she is acting white.

    She wants to show a different side of herself and I think she is trying to bite off Prince’s all-female band idea. This entire album has been her attempt at the cliche sophomore “different look” that so many people are caught up in.

    The band is not playing rock music so she does look like a complete fool trying to appropriate rock conventions for her songs–but not white.

    Good try Beyonce.

  2. Darren

    I definitely think she looks like a fool more than anything. The most laughable part to me in the last minute (which really is shitty) is that no scene actually shows the girls playing the instruments!

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