Free Katie!

Short article from the NY Post:

November 14, 2006 — IS Katie Holmes trying to deep-six her career? Sources close to soon-to-be Mrs. Tom Cruise say Fox Searchlight Pictures wanted to include her name for a possible Oscar nod on the screener of “Thank You for Smoking” sent to Academy members – but Holmes’ camp “respectfully declined” the offer. The movie had caused a stink with Cruise because of Holmes’ nude scenes, which were snipped after just one screening.

This Scientology stuff is all so psycho! Also, I didn’t think she was that great in the movie anyways, but I am not happy that I was cheated out of a nude scene.



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2 responses to “Free Katie!

  1. J

    I agree about the nude scene. Katie is probably focused on Tom’s incredible wealth at this point. Why else would she marry that dofus?

  2. haha yeah tis a fair point she is so much better than that d-warf

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