Which one would you eat?

campbell.jpg dinty_moore_beef_stew_tn.jpg

Here are 2 To-Go soups – Campbell’s Select and Dinty Moore. Both are Beef soups.

1. Brand Name – The word “Select” sets this particular soup apart from other soups. As we all learned from some economics class, advertising your product as different appeals to customers. Dinty is close to the word, dirty. “Dirty Moore” soup? No, thank you!! (I believe Dinty Moore originates from a person’s name. ) I suggest they keep the Moore and do some puns. For example, Moore Beef, Moore Chicken Rice and actually put more beef or more chicken and rice.

2. Font – The cursive handwriting of Campbell’s as well as the curvy, curly letters of Select are pleasing to the eye compared to Dinty Moore’s boxy, thick letters. The handwriting suggests easy flow, smooth while Dinty Moore’s letters are like logs that would get stuck in my throat.

3. Type of Soup – Campbell’s beef soup is called “Beef with Portobello Mushrooms & Rice” while D.M.’s is called “Beef Stew.” D.M., I want to know what is in your soup. Stew has a very low-life connotation like muck you serve pirates. Your soup should not be a mystery.

4. Shape of Container – D.M.’s container is more bowl-shaped. It is also short and stocky looking. I already have a negative attitude for the soup, why should I feel like a dog eating out of a bowl? Campbell’s container is tall, and it has a slight curve in the middle for better gripping. (And as a stretch, the curves suggests a female’s body.)

5. Colors – Both soups have red, blue, and white. D.M.’s red plaid is not modern. Perhaps, it is imitating a picnic blanket? I suggest D.M. if you are going to keep the plaid, add white! Either way, D.M., your appearance is antiquated and unappetizing. Although there is a huge white space, Campbell added flecks of green and yellow which adds vitality.

Darren, I am sure you could do a better analysis on the use of color and space.

Conclusion: I have never eaten Dinty Moore’s soups, but I do not plan to anytime soon because its product is hideous.



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3 responses to “Which one would you eat?

  1. Darren

    I think Keiko has delivered an extremely helpful analysis. Dinty Moore should immediately call an executive board meeting in order to address the points that are raised here. Could Dinty Moore be America’s least successful brand?

    I’m thinking yes.

  2. Eric Mead

    What are you the biggest pussy in the world. More meat potatos the better it is for real men.

  3. Blake

    What the hell is wrong with you, just try the damn soup, if it’s good then it’s good. Jesus haven’t you ever eatin’ something that looks disgusting but tastes delicous!? God, can you sound any more obsessed with looks instead of what actually matters, how it tastes, you can make something that tastes disgusting look as appealing as you want, in the end it’ll still taste like crap.

    Conclusion, try the damn soup and stop judging something based upon what you see on the surface.

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