I think Bode Miller is a piece of shit. There has probably never been as big a flop in the history of sports. First off, we all hate the winter Olympics. They’re boring, all the athletes are probably on horse growth hormone, and it diverts all my favorite shows for no reason. Nike and the Olympic marketing goons (NBC, do we really need the little Olympics logo in the bottom right of the screen for like 2 years leading up to the games?) decided to force-feed his lame personality on us with the expectation that he was a sure thing to win the events. Instead, he didn’t win anything, he fell on the slopes, and bragged about how wasted he got.

 Now, he’s left the US Skiing Team. 

PARK CITY, Utah (AP) — Former Olympic medalist and World Cup champion Bode Miller is leaving the U.S. ski team, ending his contentious relationship with the federation that oversees the sport in this country.

The fiercely independent Miller has been at odds with the association for years, and there long had been rumblings that he would leave the team. U.S. officials have been unhappy with Miller’s late-night partying and his outlandish public comments.

Good riddance. How does he plan on skiing? You can’t just go around skiing by yourself; you have to be on a team. What a piece of shit. I don’t understand how he can build a reputation on being a loser. This guy needs to be taken out of the gene pool before he spawns a generation of losers.


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