Keiko, meet Keiko

Take that

Take that! Who else has a floppy fin but yo own namesake. Burrrrn! Burrrrrn!



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6 responses to “Keiko, meet Keiko

  1. I miss Keiko so much that I need to pray for a long time because I was Keiko’s be fan I’d love all his shows he’d did I love his movies. I will miss you so much! And I did just get back from Hawaii shores training for a surf contest!
    I will miss you Keiko for ever!

  2. Lara

    I miss Keikó I didn’t know him but he is a Icelandic orca and I’m in Iceland :'(. I was his fan!

  3. Nicole

    When i was younger all i would ever do was watch Free Willy. When i was a little older i fell in love with Keiko. I wish i could have met him. He has inspired me. Im glad he got to go free,though, for the short time that it was. He isin my prayers and i hope he is in yours to. I love you Keiko, for forever and a day. ❤

  4. Nikki

    Free Willy 1, 2, and 3 were and still are my favorite movies to watch and I’m 14 and in highschool haha. But I couldn’t care less. Keiko amazed me. He was special. I read his story everywhere from websites to one small summary in a book. He died when I was in 3rd grade from pollution and I can’t freakin believe he’s gone but when I grow up I’m going to be a marine biologist to make sure more whales have the opportunity he had.

  5. nina

    keiko is amaizing & wonderfull orcha
    d’first time i saw free willy my heart was thouched, and i say to myself this is a great film that discovering a deep friendship between human and animal… i was really crying in the moment keiko free in the ocean… miss u keiko if orcha heaven do really exist i hope keiko happy in there

  6. Sammy

    Keiko was my ansolute favorite his shows were always amazing he continued to amaze everyone everytime he was such a sweet whale I’m so glad he was able to enjoy freedom one more time I will never forget you keiko love you always see you in heaven ❤

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