Too bad you didn’t think of this

A South Carolina inmate notorious for filing frivolous and fanciful lawsuits against public figures has used his latest complaint to accuse Apple chief executive Steve Jobs of employing O.J. Simpson as a “hitman” for the past two decades, in addition to a litany of other outlandish offenses.



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One response to “Too bad you didn’t think of this

  1. Pirate Ide

    This guy frequently makes the paper in the S.C. He’s by far my favorite local celebrity. Check out his suit against Martha Stewart…among other claims, “Riches says he saw Stewart’s turkeys playing football with [Michael] Vick’s jerseys and that the birds attacked him. And, according to the lawsuit, recently resigned Bush political strategist Karl Rove has found a new gig: working on Stewart’s estate as her gardener.”

    He also said he’d donate any damages from that suit to Rachael Ray.


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